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Superfoods And How To Get Them Into Your Diet


While there’s no official definition for superfoods, most experts agree that our diet has a dramatic impact on our wellbeing. Whole foods low in calories and high in nutrients can help you lose weight, avoid illness, and live longer, which sounds pretty super when you think about it.


Still, it can be challenging to make healthy choices if you’ve grown used to processed food that is fast and tasty. So if you’re wondering if there’s a way to fit kale and salmon into your diet without a lot of sacrifices, try these tips for making whole foods delicious and convenient.




Blend in Your Superfoods


  1. Make substitutions. Adjust the recipes for your favourite dishes. For example, replace some of the cheese in lasagna with thinly-sliced tofu. Top off your chilli with yoghurt instead of sour cream.


  1. Chop it up. Maybe you dislike the taste or texture of some foods that you know are good for you. Surprise your taste buds with pureed cauliflower. You may discover a new fondness for it.


  1. Drink a smoothie. If you have trouble slowing down to eat your vegetables, pour them into a glass. A smoothie is a quick way to consume various whole foods that will help you meet your daily nutritional needs.


Spread out Your Superfoods




  1. Eat breakfast. If you wait until late afternoon to start eating superfoods, you may run out of time to fit them all in. So instead, fortify your breakfast by trading in the usual muffin or sugary cereal for a bean burrito or yoghurt with berries and nuts.


  1. Redesign your snacks. Is your office vending machine full of chips and candy? Instead, bring your snacks to work. For example, keep a jar of natural peanut butter in the refrigerator for spreading on apple slices or whole wheat crackers.


  1. Start with appetizers. Appetizers work just as well for everyday dining as for restaurants and parties. Make a simple meal feel more special by starting with a spinach and avocado salad or a black bean soup.


  1. Multiply your sides. Who says you can only serve one vegetable with your main course? Instead, dish out a variety of fresh or frozen produce that will encourage you to eat more.




Other Strategies for Eating More Superfoods


  1. Set goals. Have you been thinking about eating healthier for a long time without seeing much progress? Maybe you need to set more specific targets. For example, you could aim for including at least one superfood in each meal or eating one additional superfood each day for a week.


  1. Start small. Your goals can be challenging without being overwhelming. For example, maybe you’d look forward to sprinkling cinnamon instead of sugar into your coffee.


  1. Roast it. Roasting vegetables is so easy, but the results are dramatic. Cut them up evenly and spread them out so they’ll come out crispy outside and tender inside.


  1. Add fats and seasonings. A drizzling of extra virgin olive oil with a bit of grated parmesan can make you want to finish a whole bowl of steamed broccoli. For variety, experiment with different spices and seasonings.


  1. Simplify it. Superfoods can be as fast as burgers and fries—grill fish or stir fry chicken and bok choy in minutes.


Whether you’re trying to break the fast-food habit or already eating a balanced diet, adding a few more superfoods into your daily menu can help you feel more energetic and fit. But, of course, you’ll want to eat more whole foods when you realize how fast and delicious they can be.

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